Welcome to the Steinwender family

Ferienhaus Strohschneider - Committed to tradition!


We combine tradition and modernity, with heart and soul.

We ad here to the concept of our ancestors – sustainable living in harmony with nature.  


For us, experiencing nature in its purest form also means honouring and protecting it. Life without daily manual labour, without our animals and without valuable and healthy food from our own production would be unthinkable for us. 


For you we have created a place that is more than a holiday. 


We want people to rediscover a forgotten world and thus find their way back to nature – our origin.


This experience of arrival, peace and serenity should leave a lasting impression on our guests and allow them to take a piece of home with them. We would like to share this way of life with you. 


We look forward to welcoming you here at Ferienhaus Strohschneider.


Treat yourself to a few days off and experience country life with all your senses.

Farm products & animals

Ferienhaus Strohschneider - Holiday with farm

We have fresh milk around the clock.


We also produce yoghurt and curd, which we supply to selected landlords. In this way, we also contribute to the sustainable and regional offer. 


Our hens provide us with fresh eggs every day.


Bessy the farm dog, Diego the cat, Tiger and Minzi, cows 

and calves live with us on the farm.

Holiday & Farm

Ferienhaus Strohschneider

Farm tradition combined with modern lifestyle.


Nestled between fruit trees and green fields. Our farm is surrounded by the idyllic mountain world of the lower Gitschtal and has been cultivated by the 13th generation.


For our holiday guests we have built 2 ultra-modern holiday homes.

Diese befinden sich in ruhiger Lage gleich neben dem Bauernhof. Hier können Sie sich zurückziehen und trotzdem das bäuerliche Tun miterleben.